Limit on video recordings file sizes

If your hard drive is FAT32 then 4GB is the maximum file size supported by the operating system. If you have NTFS (NT4/WIN2K/XP) then you should not see this issue.

Galleon isn't working; how do I find out what is wrong?

Galleon keeps several logs in the Galleon logs directory. By default these logs only record interesting information and errors. You can enable more detailed debug information by using the File/Properties menu option in the Galleon configuration GUI and enabling "Debug logging", then restart the server.

Log files are in {galleon-install-directory}/logs (UNIX & Windows) and /Applications/Galleon/Galleon Server/Contents/Resources/Java/logs on Mac OS X.


log.txt: server log file


gui.txt: GUI configuration tool log file


derby.log: database log file


Do I need to uninstall Galleon to upgrade to the next version?

If you are using the Galleon Windows installer or Mac OS X installer, then the installation wizard can upgrade existing installations. All of your configuration settings will be kept.

If you are using the other distributions, then you have to make a backup of the conf/configure.xml file before you install the new version. Restore this file after the upgrade. 



The iTunes plugin does not work

The iTunes library defaults to: "C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml" (Windows) Where {user} is your username. The path needs to point to the iTunes playlist library file. If you have moved your user settings to another location, you will have to edit the default path.

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