Galleon provides a configuration GUI to allow you to control which apps will be available on your TiVo DVR.


  • Use the Galleon/Configure menu on your Start menu to run the Galleon configuration GUI .


  • Run the server: /Applications/Galleon/Galleon
  • Wait about a minute
  • Run the configuration program: /Applications/Galleon/Configure




  • Run the Galleon configuration GUI from the Galleon bin directory:
  • For those with a headless system, you can run the configuration GUI remotely by adding the IP address of the Galleon server as a parameter to the launch command in the script.
  • Note: The Galleon server must run before you can run the configuration GUI. Any changes to the server properties will only take effect once you restart the Galleon server.

First-time configuration

Galleon is configured using a configuration GUI. gui.png





















When the configuration GUI is launched for the first time, the following steps are required to configure Galleon:

    • Configure the server properties: Use the File/Properties menu option to enter your server details. Follow the instructions in the server properties tutorial.
      Name: The name of your Galleon server.
      Version: The Galleon version.
      Reload: The default reload period for various tasks performed by Galleon. For example, the ToGo list of recordings are synchronized with this setting.
      Skin: The skin to use for the look-and-feel of Galleon.
      Generate Thumbnails: Whether thumbnail versions of images are pre-generated to improve system performance. This is usually only needed if you have images that did not originate from a digital camera.
      Debug Logging: Enable debug logging. This is only needed if an error occurs in Galleon and you need more detailed information in the Galleon logs.
      Disable Timeout: Disable TiVo timeout from HME apps. TiVo added a timeout feature in 7.2 which will jump back to live TV after 15 mins of inactivity in an HME app. HME apps need to respond to the timeout to tell TiVo not to timeout. This is useful as a screensaver, but some folks have TV's where screen burn is not a problem, so they can use this option to disable timeouts. By default, if you have enabled the music player screensaver, Galleon will not allow TiVo to timeout to live TV while you are playing music. If the app is anywhere else, like on a menu and the timeout occurs and you have not disabled this option, then Galleon will allow TiVo to timeout.
      Menu: Enable this option if you want all of the Galleon apps to listed on their own menu. The value of the name field is used as the name for the menu.
      Recordings Path: The directory to save all ToGo downloaded video files. You can pick any directory for storing the downloaded recordings.
      Media Access Key: The MAK of your TiVo's. You can find the MAK on your TiVo under Message & Settings/Account & Settings Info/Media Access Key.
      PC Application Port: The port on the local PC used to serve applications to your TiVo. Only change the default if you know what you are doing.
      PC Publishing Port: The port on the local PC used publish configured apps to your TiVo and remote TiVo's. Only change the default if you know what you are doing.
      PC IP Address: The IP Address of the PC running the Galleon server. For computers with multiple network interface cards, it might be neccessary to specify which network interface is on the private network.
      Public IP Address: The public IP address of your router used for sharing your apps. This only needs to be configured if you want to sharing of apps.
      PIN: The secret PIN used to protect your shared apps from the public. The PIN can only contain digits and must be at least 4 digits long. This only needs to be configured if you want to share apps.
      Parental Controls Password: The password entered on your TiVo recorder for parental controls. This value is needed to enable downloading of recordings with parental controls using the ToGo app. You only need to enter the password if you have enabled parental controls on your TiVo.
    • Configure ToGo: Use the File/ToGo menu option to configure your TiVo recorder information. Follow the instructions in the following ToGo settings tutorial.
    • Configure the music player: Use the File/Music Player menu option to configure the player settings. Follow the instructions in the following Music Player settings tutorial.

Adding applications

  • No Galleon applications will appear on your TiVo Music, Photos & More menu until you have configured an app. Applications are added to Galleon by using the File/New App menu option in the Galleon configuration GUI. Once a new app has been added, the settings for that app needs to be set. After the necessary information is entered, press the "Apply" button to save the app to the Galleon server.

For additional information, see the tutorials.


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