• A TiVo Series 2 or Series 3 or HD DVR with at least version 7.2.1 software.
  • At least 256MB of RAM is recommended.
  • If you have a firewall software installed on your computer, then you must configure the firewall to allow the ports that Galleon requires.


  • Windows XP or later required.
  • You must have administrative rights on your PC to be able to install Galleon.
  • Run the Windows executable version of Galleon which will launch the installation wizard. Follow the instructions in the installation tutorial. The installation wizard will install Galleon in "C:\Program Files\Galleon" by default. The wizard will also install the Galleon server as a Windows service. The Galleon configuration GUI will be added to the Start Menu under Galleon/Configure.

The following is the expected normal behaviour of the Galleon service:

  • When the service starts, it will use more CPU and memory than normal.
  • The initial CPU and memory usage will drop after a short period.
  • When the Galleon apps perform tasks such as connecting to the internet or refreshing its database, the service will use more CPU and memory. After these tasks are completed, the CPU and memory will go down again.
  • The more apps you have configured, the more memory Galleon will use.
  • Galleon runs as a service under the local system account.  This account is unable to access network shares for file storage.  If you need to access shares, reconfigure the service in the Services control panel to run as a user account with network privileges.





  • Install the Java JRE. You need Java 5 or later.
  • The Java JRE bin directory must be in your system PATH environment variable.  Test this by logging in as root and running 'which java' (csh) or 'type java' (bash/ksh), and confirm you see something like /usr/bin/java
  • Configure your system's name in /etc/hosts under the actual IP address, not
  • If you are upgrading a previous installation, make a backup of the configure.xml file in the Galleon conf directory just to be sure it doesn't get broken/lost.
  • Extract the Galleon zip file to a temporary directory.
  • For a new install: run 'make install' (the application will be installed under /usr/share/galleon and set to start up on boot)
  • To upgrade: run 'make upgrade' (this will preserve your settings in the configure.xml file)
  • Run the Galleon server using the galleon script in the bin directory: './galleon start'
  • Access the GUI by running the script in the Galleon bin directory

Mac OS X

  • Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later (uses Java Runtime SE 5, not supported by Apple on earlier OS X releases)
  • Open the Disk Image file
  • Run the OS X installer
  • Run /Applications/Galleon/Galleon  Currently this is not supported to run as a service, only to run on your desktop.
  • Run /Applications/Galleon/Configure 

Kurobox HG


All platforms

After you have installed all of the neccessary software, follow the configuration instructions.




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