If you have a Series2, Series 3, or TiVo HD DVR with software version 7.2 or later, you can transfer and view personal video files from your PC to your DVR.

For this feature to work, you must first configure ToGo.

Then use the File/GoBack menu option in the Galleon configuration GUI to configure the directories you want to publish. Any .mpg, .mpeg files that are in the format TiVo supports and any .tivo files that are placed in these directories, will be listed at the bottom on you TiVo Now Playing list.

You can configure multiple directories of videos.

If you enable grouping on the Now Playing list on your TiVo, then Galleon will display any folders you have in your directories instead of just listing all of your videos in one list.


Enabled: Enable the GoBack feature.
Publish ToGo Recordings: Publish files saved from your TiVo to the ToGo recordings path.
Convert Video: Automatically convert video files that are not in the required TiVo format.
Conversion Tool: The command line arguments for running the external conversion tool. {%1} is replaced with the source filename and {%2} is replaced with the destination filename. (Currently, only used by the videocasting app).
Directories: Add directories of video files you want to publish.

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