Which ports does Galleon use?

Galleon needs access to the following ports for it to work
  • 1099 (TCP): Used for Java RMI for letting the configuration GUI talk to the server.
  • 7288 (TCP: Used for accessing the applications on the local network.
  • 5353 (UDP): Used for multicast DNS (Rendevouz) protocol.
  • 1527 (TCP): Used by the embedded database.
  • 2190 (TCP,UDP): Used by the HMO protocol for ToGo Back.
  • 8081 (TCP): Used by the HMO protocol for ToGo Back.






The firewall on your PC needs to be configured to allow traffic on these ports. If you do not have a firewall on you PC, then you do not have to configure anything for

these portst to work. If these ports are not available, Galleon will attempt to use the next available port. You should not have to configure your router for these ports, since that would pose a security risk.

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