The jukebox app allows a user to dynamically create a playlist on your TiVo DVR.

To add music to the jukebox playlist use either the music or organizer app. While in either of these apps, select a track or a folder and press the 1 button. If the currently selected item is a track, only that track will be added to the Jukebox playlist; if the currently selected item is a folder, then all of the tracks in that folder will be added to the Jukebox playlist.

The jukebox app will display the current playlist of tracks. Use the 1 button to delete tracks and use the 9 button to delete all tracks from the jukebox playlist.

Random play is supported if you enable the option using the ENTER button. Tracks will be played randomly only if you press PLAY on the list of tracks otherwise the tracks are played sequentially.

The jukebox playlist is also used in the photos app for background music during slideshows.


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Jukebox playlist:

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