The Playlists app allows you to play your favorite .m3u and .pls playlists on your TiVo DVR. These types of playlists can be exported from popular music players such as iTunes and Winamp.

The paths used in the configuration for this app must point to the playlist file and not a directory.

The configuration GUI supports drag-and-drop. So, if you have a large collection of playlists, its easier to drag them onto the list in the configuraiton GUI rather than adding then individually using the Browse button.

Playlists can also be played in the music app.

The same controls as the music app is used.

You can use the following instructions to play any online music streams on your TiVo, including commercial streaming stations.


Title: The title of the app.
Share: Allow the app to be shared .
Name: The name of the playlist.
Path: The path of the .m3u or .pls playlist file.

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