The Shoutcast app allows you to listen to online radio streams on your TiVo DVR based on your favorite genres.

This app uses screen scraping to download listings of stations for each genre from the site. The app allows you to listen to any of the 12,000 stations that are listed on this site.

The music player displays the live meta tags of the currently playing song. If a station server has gone down or is too busy, the app will automatically attempt to connect to any available alternate servers for that station.

The app will automatically update the list of available online stations.

The same keys as the music app are used to control the music player.

Any station that is rated is placed in the Favorites folder. Stations in this folder is ordered by rating.


Title: The title of the app.
Share: Allow the app to be shared .
Genre: The list of available genres from the Shoutcast site.
Limit: Limit the number of stations downloaded for each genre.


Shoutcast Menu:

Shoutcast Genre Stations:

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