Music Organizer

The organizer imports MP3 files from a list of directories, reads their tags and then creates a record for each file in an embedded database. These records are then used to categorize all of the MP3 files based on their tag information and then grouped on your TiVo DVR.

The app can be configured to categorize the MP3 files based on 20 categories. These include all of the popular MP3 tags and additional information such as user rating, play count and date played.

The organizer dynamically queries the database for MP3 files that match the configured categories. The categories are displayed as hierarchies of folders which you can browse.

The organizer will automatically inspect the imported directories for any changes such as new MP3 files. The app displays the total MP3 files it has found.

The organizer uses the same keys as the music app to control the music player.

It is possible to play music while viewing slideshows in the Photos app.

Use the 1 button to select tracks for the Jukebox and Photos apps. If the currently selected item is a track, only that track will be added to the Jukebox playlist; if the currently selected item is a folder, then all of the tracks in that folder will be added to the Jukebox playlist.


Title: The title of the app.
Share: Allow the app to be shared .
Path: The full path of the directory of MP3 files.
Categories: The categories that will be used to organize your MP3 files using their tag information.


Music Organizer:

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