The music app allows a user to browse MP3 files on your TiVo DVR using the file system folders on your computer.

This tutorial will explain how to configure the music app.

The music player supports MP3 files and .m3u and .pls playlists (Playlists with online streams are also supported). Each type of file is indicated with a unique icon.

The app will display the MP3 tag information of a selected file.

The music player will also display the album art associated with the current album. If the album art is not embedded in the MP3 file, it will automatically download and display the album art from the internet using the Amazon Web Services. If the album art cannot be found on the internet, the Folder.jpg file in the MP3 directory will be used.

The music player allows you to view images from the web about the current song's artist based on image search engine results obtained from the Yahoo! Search Web Services. Note: All search engine queries for images are configured to filter out adult content by default. However, it is still possible that undesirable content might be returned in these search results.

The music player allows you to download and view the current song's lyrics using the XML API. Press the Info or 0 button to view the lyrics screen from the music player screen.

The music player will use a Winamp classic skin for the music player by default. The app allows you to interactively control the buttons on the skin. The current song details are displayed in a scrolling marquee. You can configure the app to use their favorite Winamp skin by placing the skin file in the Galleon media/winamp directory.

The music player can also be configured in the configuration GUI File/Music Player menu option to use a HMO-like interface. The HMO-like music player displays a progress bar and song play time.

The app will keep playing current song if you browse to other songs and then go back to the same song.

A screensaver automatically kicks in after 5 minutes on the music player screen. The screensaver is reset when you press a key.

The following keys are used to control the music player:

  • Play = Play
  • Pause = Pause
  • Slow = Stop
  • Channel Up = Previous
  • Channel Down = Next
  • Thumbs Up = increase user rating
  • Thumbs Down = decrease user rating
  • Reverse = reverse
  • Forward = forward
  • Advance = skip to next tick
  • Replay = to jump back to currently playing track after browsing








The player will automatically move to the next song when the current song finishes. See the music app in action in the music app demo.

The user can also press the PLAY button on any folder to play all of the files in that folder. If you press play on a folder or playlist and you have random play enabled, then the tracks will be played randomly. If you press play on a track inside a folder or playlist, then the tracks are played sequentially.

It is possible to play music while viewing slideshows in the Photos app.

Use the 1 button to select tracks for the Jukebox and Photos apps. If the currently selected item is a track, only that track will be added to the Jukebox playlist; if the currently selected item is a folder, then all of the tracks in that folder will be added to the Jukebox playlist.


Title: The title of the app.
Share: Allow the app to be shared .
Name: The name of the directory of MP3 files.
Path: The path of the directory of MP3 files.


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