The native Windows version of Galleon 2.3.0 is compiled to native code using Excelsior JET. This means that the Sun JRE is no longer required. However, the apps code is still in Java, so the built-in Excelsior compiler is used to compile to native code immediately upon load. Using native code allows for platform-specific optimizations and better control over resources.

Any changes to the service properties in the configuration GUI will require the Galleon service to be manually restarted.

The memory allocated to Galleon should be adequate for most apps. However, the Photos app usually have additional memory requirements, especially if you want to view high-resolution JPG images. If Galleon does not have enough memory to display an image, a dialog will be displayed on your computer desktop with an error message about running out of memory. You can increase the memory allocated to Galleon with the following steps:

  • Stop the Galleon service
  • Add the following system environment variable using My Computer/Advanced/Environment Variables: JETVMPROP=-Djet.gc.heaplimit:128m
  • Start the Galleon service




The example above would set the memory allocated to Galleon to 128 MB. The default memory allocated to Galleon is 50 MB. Note that this environment variable will configure all installed Excelsior JET apps.


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