The Jabber app allows you to connect to the Jabber instant messaging service from your TiVo DVR. Jabber also allows you to send messages to most popular instant messaging services.

If you do not have an existing Jabber account, you can download a Jabber client and then create an account on one of the public Jabber servers. If you have other messenger accounts, pick a server on the following list which supports your existing AIM, ICQ, MSN, IRC or Yahoo account. Use the Jabber client to associate your other accounts with your Jabber account.

The Jabber app will display a list of your contacts. The current presence status of each contact will be indicated with an icon. You can use the onscreen keyboard to send messages to one of your contacts. Use the PLAY button to send the message. The Jabber app will try to guess which word you are typing and will suggest a closest match. Use the ADVANCE button to accept the suggested text.


Title: The title of the app.
Share: Allow the app to be shared .
Username: Your Jabber account username. Do not enter your entire Jabber id; only use what is before the @ character.
Password: Your Jabber account password.
Server: Your Jabber account server. Just enter the Jabber server name and not the HTTP address, e.g.












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