App Sharing

Galleon allows your family and friends to remotely connect to your Galleon apps from their TiVo recorder. They will be able to use these shared apps just as you do on your local network.

This is a great way to share your photos over the internet.

There are several steps you have to follow to configure sharing of apps:

  • Configure both the PC Application Port and the PC Publishing port using the Galleon configuration GUI File/Properties menu. The PC Application port must be 80 and the PC Publishing port can be any available port, but it is recommended to keep the default of 7288.
  • Configure your Public IP Address using the configuration GUI File/Properties menu. This is the public internet address of your router and not the IP address of your PC on the local network. You should be able to determine this address from your router configuration or you could use this tool to determine the address.
  • Configure Galleon with a PIN using the configuration GUI File/Properties menu. This PIN will be used to protect your apps from public access. When a remote TiVo connects to your apps, this PIN must be entered before Galleon will allow the app to be accessed. The PIN can only contain digits and must be at least 4 digits long.
  • Configure the apps you want to share by enabling the share checkbox for each app and press Apply.
  • Configure your router to forward incoming requests on port 80 and 7288 to your computer running Galleon. If your router has the capability to forward an incoming port to a different port, then you could change the PC Application Port to something other than 80 if this clashes with a service on your PC, but you must still forward the incoming port 80 to that port.
  • Configure your firewall on your PC to allow incoming TCP connections on port 80 and 7288. If you have Galleon working on your local network, then your firewall settings are probably already correct.
  • Give the PIN to your family or friends with a TiVo recorder that has at least 7.2 software.
  • Your friends must then enter your Public IP Address on their TiVo under Music, Photos & More, Manually add a server.
  • The list of apps that you have shared will now appear on their TiVo.
  • When they select an app, they will be prompted to enter your PIN. They must enter the PIN digits using the TiVo remote. They can use the left key to backspace an incorrect digit. When the complete PIN has been entered, press select on the TiVo remote. The app will then be launched.


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