The ToGo app allows a user to control the ToGo feature directly from the TiVo recorder instead of using the TiVo desktop software on the PC.

This app uses the XML interface of the web server running on the TiVo recorder to determine the data associated with all the recordings currently available on the TiVo. The app will regularly poll the recorder for the latest data.

The list of available recordings are displayed in a menu, each with their current status icons. The app has a free space indicator which is calculated using the data configure for the TiVos in the Galleon configuration GUI. The user can interactively pick which recordings to save to the PC. The app will display the download status and download rate of the recordings. A user can cancel a download at any time.

The configuration GUI allows you to specify rules which Galleon will use to automatically download recordings to your PC. Use the File/ToGo/Rules menu option in the Galleon configuration GUI to create your own rules. These rules are logically combined (ANDed) to pick recordings. Here are some of the criteria that could be used to create a rule:

The GoBack feature can be used to copy the downloaded videos back onto your TiVo.


TiVo's: The list of TiVo's on your network. Enter the IP addresses of your TiVo's that have not been automatically discovered.
Downloaded: The list of recordings that Galleon has downloaded from your TiVo's.
Recorded: The list of recordings on your TiVo's.
Rules: Specify rules that Galleon should use to pick recordings to automatically download.


ToGo Now Playing:

ToGo Program:

ToGo Program Saving:

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