The podcasting app allows you to subscribe to podcasts. Galleon will automatically download the MP3 files for each podcast you have subscribed for. Once you have played the MP3 file, the file will be automatically deleted and the latest track for the podcast will then be downloaded.

The app comes with preconfigured directories of the most popular podcasts. You can configure the app with additional podcast directory listings in both OPML and RSS formats.

This tutorial will explain how to configure the podcasting app.

This app supports the iTunes RSS podcast tags to display additional information such as cover art.


Title: The title of the app.
Download: The number of podcast tracks per subscription that should kept at a time.
Subscriptions: The list of podcast subscriptions.
Name: The name of the podcast.
URL: The full internet address of the podcast RSS feed.
Directories: The list of podcast directories.
Name: The name of the podcast directory.
URL: The full internet address of the podcast directory file. OPML are supported.



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