Galleon is the next-generation version of JavaHMO and is also an open source project. Galleon supports TiVo's latest HME technology and provides significant improvements over JavaHMO.

The Galleon server extends the capabilities of the TiVo HME SDK to host HME applications.

Galleon supports skinning so that the user can change the look-and-feel of the applications.

All of the Galleon apps have consistent behavior. For example:

All of the Galleon apps have a consistent look-and-feel and reuse a lot of interface code.

The Galleon server is configured by a configuration GUI which can be used to remotely control the capabilities of the Galleon server.

The configuration GUI uses JmDNS to allow the user to pick the network interface that detects TiVos on their network.

The ToGo configuration screens allows the user to pick ToGo recordings for downloading just like the TiVo Desktop software.

Galleon also allows the user to specify rules based on various recording criteria, that will be used to select and automatically download recordings.

The Galleon server includes intelligent caching of Internet data so that the Galleon apps will still function even if the Internet connection or remote servers go down.

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